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FG Edition - 01
FG Edition was launched in 2014 with the Portuguese brand Sul as an accessory line designed for those who enjoy photography. And if designing camera straps or memory card cases wasn’t exactly programmed into my life - as few things are, in spite of the inevitable relationship with my professional life-  the truth is that it became the theme for venturing towards a more personal project.

FG Edition - 02
Ever since childhood I’ve liked to carry what I need with me in backpacks, cases or bags. Preferably in ones that grab my attention. Over time taste turned into necessity and, currently, a camera is just one of many objects that accompanies me every day.
FG Edition - 03
This way of considering objects as essential is perfectly in tune with my taste for cases/bags made primarily of leather. I’ve always wanted to understand the process of their design and manufacture, what their patterns look like; how different materials and textures are adapted and combined, or, most importantly, how the leather is stitched together. Essentially, to accompany everything behind the creation of a bag.

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