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Opened in Oporto in 2016, Banema studio is a concept store designed for all those interested in architecture and design. It is a store where you can find out unique products and offers a wide variety of brands and environments based on international trends.
Located in one of the most emblematic blocks of the city of Porto, where previously were an art gallery, Banema studio offers a wide variety of brands and environments based on international trends.

At Banema studio, the warm, friendly and a tranquil atmosphere fill the spaces. As soon as you arrive, you are a guest to be treated with great care.

arts, architecture and design
The store is a place where established fashion, interior and beauty brands meet their cutting-edge, emerging counterparts. An unique project where each object, brand, aroma, textile or arts' work has been carefully selected according to the latest trends and the best Portuguese and worldwide design, arts, fragrances, lifestyle and furniture.
our brands
A wide variety of labels such as Alguidar Knit, Amor Luso, Apolis, Apotheke Fragrance, Barbudo Aborrecido, Christian Haas, Circulo Ceramics, Culti, Davide Groppi, Design House Stockholm, Earl of East London, FG Editions, Fetch & Follow, Gestalten, Haeckels, Hay, La Bruket, La Eva, Magis, Papelote, Paralela, Qwstion, Revo, Rival, The School of Life, Util, Vicara, Yuyu, Magis, Menu, Onno, Air Aroma, Kreafunk, Berri Blue.
more than a store
Banema studio is also a place to share ideas, a place to sit, drink tea or coffee and find out the latest designers, artisans, artists' works and products from different places and backgrounds. Workshops, exhibitions, concerts, conversations or even dinners are an integral part of the agenda of our concept store.
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