Kokedama Workshop

26 January 2019 - 16:00 h
Derived from the Bonsai technique, the Kokedama is generally characterized by the use of a "pot" totally different from the common one: the root of the plant is wrapped in moss.

Fiu - Jardins Suspensos, takes place in January 2013, for the taste for plants in general and for working with them in particular, as personal therapy. It's a project in which plants are suspended by a thread and, when we group these plants in great quantity, we are able to create true interior gardens.

In this workshop, you will be able to learn the basic principles of Kokedama technique as well as information on plant maintenance and other important tips.
Kokedama Workshop

Materials: No experience required. All materials are provided.

Price: 35€ (prepayment by bank transfer after subscription / VAT excluded.)

Note: Refund or cancellation of paid reservations are not allowed. However, if you can not attend, you can send someone in your place.

TIME: 16h às 18h.
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