Swiss modernist design.

Accessories, Gifts and Fashion
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The story of QWSTION started in 2008, when Sebastian Kruit, industrial designers Christian Kaegi and Fabrice Aeberhard, graphic designer Matthias Graf and Hannes Schoenegger founded QWSTION in Zürich, Switzerland. 


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creative solutions
They sought to create products that do just as well on the daily bicycle commute as when things get more formal in a business meeting. Their approach to development and focus on sustainable solutions draw on the Swiss modernist design tradition. They thrive on finding original solutions that are sustainable, to create those essentials that will be useful everyday. 
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The Swiss modernist design heritage has influenced our collection, making continuous development and improvement our focus. Their Bags and products are developed in Zürich. This allows to test new ideas and unique constructions in a very early stage of the product development, resulting in more refined products. Manufacturing is conducted with highest ethical and environmental standards.


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