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Haeckels is a natural brand of fragrances and skin care founded in England in 2012. All its handmade products are formulated in their laboratory in Margate, where they use vegetables that grow locally and offer the best antioxidant properties.


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The star ingredient of their products is a hand-picked seaweed from Margate's own 14-kilometer Jurassic chalk reef. With one of only two licenses in England to harvest algae off the English coast, HAECKELS are pride of this license and sees it as a responsibility to clean and care for the coast. Algae, hand-picked, form the base ingredient of the entire range of skin products, based on the tradition of thalassotherapy derived from the Greek word for "sea" or "ocean."
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Thalassotherapy treatments use seawater, seaweed, oceanic mud and marine minerals to treat diseases and allow the body to replenish, remineralize and revitalize to improve health of body and mind. All products are tested on the breeders themselves, no products are tested on animals.

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