what touches you has so much power

Beauty and Fashion
Gräffenberg - 01
GRÄFFENBERG presents a brand new clothing experience. Clothes that deliver active ingredients to the body as so to create the world's first skin-nurturing fashion brand. The beginning of beautywear.
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your skin is the largest organ of your body
It serves as a conduit for outside substances to penetrate the body through absorption. The same way it absorbs harmfull and toxic chemicals, it can also absorb active ingredients with healing and rejuvenating properties. Clothes are in constant contact with your skin, and this has so much power.
Gräffenberg - 03
Let your skin absorb a dense and deep complex of antioxidants. GRÄFFENBERG's clothes are catalyzed with copper and, in its first collection, extra-infused with Coenzyme Q10. This dual technology is ideal to improve the look of stressed and aged skin. When it touches GRÄFFENBERG's clothes, skin acts like a conduit and absorbs the skincare properties from its active ingredients.

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