Casa de Fumos

Raw perfumes for an incredible olfactory journey.

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Casa de Fumos - 01
Casa de Fumos is located in the hills between Oeiras and Cascais in Lisbon. The long conversations by the fireplace about the oldest traditions and rituals made Liliana and Micaela bring us a new way of looking at this ritual.

Casa de Fumos - 02
raw aromas
There's this sort of nostalgia in going back to one's roots. To nature. To purest of states. The inspiration for Casa de Fumos is the wild. An invitation for a journey through the rituals of burning incense and natural perfumes. It's about the fire heat, the aroma of burning wood and silence.
Casa de Fumos - 03
Fall in love with the aromas and the multipurpose bowl for burning incense, wood, herbs and resin.

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